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CFI Security is a premier cybersecurity technology provider of hardware, software, and cloud solutions. We offer consulting and managed services, and financing alternatives for enterprise and mid-market companies across an array of industries. We are based in Chicago, Illinois.

CFI Security, LLC

Services and Data Solutions

We offer a wide variety of services, combined with the wisdom to craft the right solution for you.

We have the technology and expertise to make sure your information and systems are covered.

We custom configure data software, hardware, and cloud solutions to form a security architecture for the way you do business. Our team of sales and engineering experts will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that meets your current needs while keeping an eye on the future.

CFI Security can help you address the risks and challenges while still getting the most out of a cloud implementation configured for your needs.

Managed services from CFI Security could be the remedy to all of your concerns. This is the best way to stabilize costs, keep your infrastructure up-to-date, and trust its upkeep to dedicated experts. Expert remote administration of your infrastructure and end-user systems strengthens your security readiness.

Our scalable infrastructure protection evolves with you and focuses on what you need as you use it on a payment plan designed just for you. Not only can you get the hardware and software you need now while paying for it over time, but you can minimize risk and gain tax advantages.

We help users identify dangers and hazards and know what to do when they’re under attack. We offer interactive training that truly educates employees about best practices and effective behaviors in our changing technological world.