Who We Are

Advanced Technology and Security Resellers

CFI Security, LLC, was formed in January 2020. We operate nationwide and across the globe, working for companies of all sizes and operating in all kinds of industries. More than anything, we take pride in the individual success stories of our customers and employees.

We know that our reputation is built upon our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations.We empower our sales and engineering experts to listen to our clients.

CFI Security, LLC

Greg Johns, President

Greg Johns’experience of over 20 years in approach to helping our customers is, to improve their productivity and performance at the right cost with CFI Security's best-of-breed technologies. He is great at strategizing to address technology challenges and solving problems with innovative solutions and partners.

This is how Greg strengthens the CFI Security value proposition. While Greg is responsible for the growth and overall profitability of CFI Security, his true passion is the constant development of customers relationships. This allows CFI Security to deliver superior customers satisfaction consistently.

James Cambray, Chief Technology Officer

James leads the CFI Security team of technical consultants who interface directly with our vendor partners and our clients’ internal IT staff. For each project, he directs the visioning, planning, and integration of CFI Security’s best-of-breed products and technologies into client environments.

He has a deep understanding of technical architecture design, and his years of experience demonstrate his engineering expertise across a diverse array of applications and systems. These talents are what allow James to capture requirements, address concerns, and implement new solutions quickly and efficiently. After implementation, James and his team also provide post-installation issue management and troubleshooting.

David Ladley, President & CEO

Dave acquired Communications Finance Inc. in 1994 and transformed its mission to a full-service systems integration, security solutions and leasing business. The security solutions and services we provide today allow businesses to solve critical business problems. Dave is an active member and promoter of the local community, serving as a member of the Kiwanis volunteer organization, Park Ridge, Illinois Chapter, and as a Past-President of the Park Ridge Soccer Association. When not in the office, Dave can be found on the tennis court, golf course, or sailing in warm weather. When winter comes, he’s on the ski slopes at every opportunity.

Gretchen Ladley, Director of Marketing and Partner Development

As a member of the management team, Gretchen is in charge of setting the company’s marketing strategies for CFI Security. Primary to her role as CFI Security’s marketing leader, she directs brand management, partner development and establishes marketing priorities across the organization. Sitting at the table with the sales team, she develops and designs marketing communications, lead generation campaigns, sales events and promotional activities. Gretchen believes strongly in the synergy between sales and marketing to drive performance for the business, both short and long term. Gretchen is an avid tennis player and golfer, and an active member of the USTA.

Our Beliefs

We take our work seriously and personally. Everything we do is a reflection of our highest ideals.

For a company focused on security, trust is paramount. We never forget how important our work is to the success of your business.

We implement precisely what is needed by the customer, and always stay sharp, curious, and creative about more efficient, agile, innovative possibilities to offer.

The vendor partnerships we have developed over the years of working together provide our clients with advanced technology solutions.

We are developing customers for life, so we make sure that each project is completed to your complete satisfaction with quality.

We do business the way our customers do it. That is why we are selective about the companies we serve.

We believe that if you arrive early, you’re on time. But if you arrive on time, you’re late.

We intend to be here for the long haul. We are building a legacy that will be here for generations to come.

Technology is always changing, which is why we are always exploring, testing, and vetting new opportunities, still staying ahead of the learning curve and anticipating what is to come.