Cyber Security and Technology Experts in the Midwest

  • CFI Security, LLC

    Cyber Security Solutions

    We provide a wide range of network security services and data protection solutions – we help you evaluate new technology, understand which solutions are right for your infrastructure and help you select the right solution for your environment

  • CFI Security, LLC

    Cloud Solutions

    CFI Security allows you to leverage security experts well versed in all aspects of security to help design, plan and implement your cloud initiatives

  • CFI Security, LLC

    Managed Security Services

    Our managed security services are designed to serve as a remote extension of your security staff – our trained, certified solutions experts bring significant expertise in supporting and managing nearly any technology

  • CFI Security, LLC

    Financial Services

    We can help finance your technology investments to maximize business value while minimizing capital impact through a variety of specialized technology financing alternatives

  • CFI Security, LLC

    Training Services

    CFI Security training services address the technical and human elements of your organization to ensure the entire team is operating in a secure environment

The technology and expertise to make sure your information and systems are covered.

The CFI Security advantage is our approach: We offer a wide array of services, combined with the wisdom to craft the right system for you. Learn more about how we keep businesses safe from ever-evolving threats to systems and storage.

“CFI Security acts as a single point-of-contact, eliminating redundancies – simplifying our IT landscape and reducing gaps“

– Infrastructure Mgr, Copley Memorial

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